Top 9 Fast Loading WordPress Themes

Have you ever thought that a slow loading theme can affect your user experience and ultimately results in losing your potential audience.

Yes, It is true.

So, here are the top 9 fast loading WordPress themes for your blog.

Load time is an important factor from SEO to User experience (UX). Yes, a fast loading theme is most important in ranking your blog on Google. It affects a lot of factors like load time, bounce rate.

Let me tell you one thing. If your page loads fast then it reduces your bounce rate which means the user spends more time on your site. As a result it can increase your conversion rates. Also lower bounce rate helps in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and ultimately results in higher rankings on SERP.

Without making you feel bored let’s directly dive into our list of blazing fast WordPress themes.

Fast Loading WordPress Themes

This list contains both free and paid themes. That means you can have a fast loading site even if you are running tight on budget.

Here is our list of top 9 fastest WordPress themes.

Let’s start with our first theme which is a favourite theme for most of the bloggers.



Generatepress has been built with speed and user experience as a top priority.

Generatepress is a multipurpose theme which can be used for all kinds of sites from blogs( either Adsense or Affiliate ) to ecommerce sites.

The core version of Generatepress is available for free on WordPress theme library. It’s premium version is available at $49.95 on their website. 

The best part is, it is compatible with page builders and also has a pre built site library. 

When combined with a caching plugin Generatepress gives the best results.



Neve is another multipurpose fast loading lightweight WordPress theme. Neve also comes with a free version available on WordPress theme library. 

It is compatible with page builders either so that you can design awesome pages. 

The default free version available on WordPress is less than 28kb and loads really quick.

It’s premium version starts at $49.


astra theme

Astra is one of the most used WordPress themes. Similar to the previous ones Astra comes with a free version. 

Astra is a fast loading easy to customize theme with a ton of customization options available on the premium version. Even the free version is good. But the premium version is best. 

Astra has a set of pre built starter sites which are easy to import.

The premium plan starts at $59.


writee theme

Writee is available for free on WordPress theme library. 

Being a free theme writee loads fast. But it is not a multipurpose theme like the other ones. 

Writee comes with built in pagination options, social sharing icons and related posts widget. 

Also has various page layout options available and it is purely a blog focused theme.


divi theme

Divi is one of the most popular and widely used themes on WordPress. It comes with only a premium version, meaning no free version available. 

The divi theme comes along with it’s own page builder which makes it easier to customize. It is well known for its versatile and feature rich design.

Despite being a feature rich theme Divi is fast loading too.

Divi’s plan starts at $89/year.



OceanWP is the next most popular theme on WordPress library after Astra. Similar to Astra and Generatepress, OceanWP has a free version available on WordPress theme library.

OceanWP is a multipurpose theme compatible with all the page builders. Being a lightweight theme it also has a minimal loading time.

The premium add on for OceanWp starts at $59. 


schema theme

Schema is another lightweight fast loading theme.

It is a premium theme by MyThemeShop. Available exclusively on MyThemeShop market place. 

The developers claim it as the fastest SEO theme. 

As the looks suggest it is a blogging centric theme. It may not be as fast as the developers claim but still a fast loading and lightweight theme.

Price of the theme is $35 for a single site.

Page Builder Framework

page builder framework

As the name suggests the theme is completely compatible with the page builders. 

The free version of Page Builder Framework is available on WordPress theme  library. 

Despite being a best friend of page builders it also has a minimal load time.

The premium version starts at $58/year.


Newspaper is also a popular theme among bloggers. As the developer claims it is “#1 selling news themes for WordPress”.

It is a best selling theme on Envato. If you are looking for a best theme for an Adsense blog. Newspaper can be a good choice for you.

There is no free version of this theme.

Theme’s Regular License costs $59 on Envato Market.

This is my list of fast loading WordPress themes. 

Let me know in comments if you know any other WordPress theme that loads faster.

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