7 Best Blogger SEO Settings To Boost Your Rankings

In my previous blog posts I have shown complete blogger setup from creating a blog to adding a custom domain.

Now let’s configure some SEO settings in blogger that can boost your rankings on search engines. 

Blogger SEO Settings

In this post you can learn 7 blogger SEO settings that can improve you rankings on search engines.

1. Meta Description

Meta Description is shown below your title on SERP. A keyword optimized meta description can help to increase your rank on SERP. 

You can enable this option in the settings tab. 

Dashboard -> Settings -> Meta tags -> Enable Search Description.

Blogger search description

The search description that you find in the settings tab is the meta description of your blog.

A blog description is different from blog post description. 

Blog Description – Blog description appears as meta description of the home page of your blog.

Blog Post Description – Blog post description appears as meta description of your blog posts.

You can also add a search description to your blog posts. But, first you need to enable search description in the settings tab. Then you will get an option to add a search description to your blog posts.

2. HTTPS Functionality

HTTPS (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure) is a basic security setting which encrypts the data entered by the user. 

Google clearly said that they prefer HTTPS over HTTP in rankings. The best thing about blogger is they provide free HTTPS functionality for all their blogs. 

Here is the process to enable HTTPS on blogger.

Dashboard -> Settings -> HTTPS -> Enable HTTPS availability and HTTPS redirect.

blogger https

Now all the visitors of your blog will be redirected to the HTTPS version of your blog.

3. Robots.txt 

This is an important part of Blogger SEO settings, which I want you to use very carefully. A wrong, setting may lead to deindexing of a big part of your blog from google.Generally a Robots.txt file is used to stop the search engine bots from crawling the “Not so important” parts of your blog. For example, Search pages, archive pages and so on.

You can enable this setting by following these steps.

Dashboard -> Settings -> Crawlers and indexing -> Enable custom robots.txt

blogger robots.txt

I suggest you to use Robots.txt to point to your sitemap URL and control No-indexing by noindex tag in custom robots meta tags. For more information, read the official page on BlogSpot robots.txt by Google.

You can generate your robots.txt file from here

4. Custom Robots Header Tags

It is a much needed feature for SEO of your Blogger blog, though it looks a little confusing but this guide by Google will again try to explain everything in simple words.

Here is a video tutorial to add custom robots header tags.

5. Custom 404

When a visitor visits a page that doesn’t exist on your blog. A 404 message is displayed to the user. 

This setting allows you to customize your 404 page and you can show your creativity here and drive these visitors to your other blog posts.

Here is the process.

Dashboard -> Settings -> Errors and Redirects -> Custom 404

If you don’t have coding knowledge. I got you covered. Here is the link to get pre designed custom 404 pages for Blogger.

6. Custom Redirects

Custom redirects are useful to redirect the visitors a broken page to the live pages/posts of your blog. This is very useful to tap the missing traffic and convert them to real traffic.

You can set this feature by following these steps.

Dashboard -> Settings -> Errors and Redirects -> Custom redirects

This feature is important for SEO. When you add a nofollow tag to an external link that means you are requesting search engines not to crawl these external links.

Sometimes you might have to link to external resources for better knowledge of your readers but you don’t want search engines to crawl them. Here comes the use of the nofollow attribute to those links. 

Also enable open link in new tab. This reduces the bounce rate of your site which is good for SEO.


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